Welcome to FoHo's patented FERPA request generator. Batteries sold separately.

PSA: this is for current and past Stanford students only. Sorry.

Four simple steps:

1) What's your name?
2) What do you want to protest?

3) What's your personal message to FERPA?
4) Pick your poisons. Every checkbox is a different FERPA request Stanford has to look into. Check as many as you like.

Request a record of:


Let's go.

The button above should open your mail client with a pre-composed message you can just fire off. If, for some reason, it misfires, here's a manual override that'll give you the text and who to send it to.

Manual override


What is this?

See this FoHo.

Will I get in trouble?

I don't go to Stanford. Can I still use this?

Sure. Here's the base text.